Apr 232014
Raccoon - Should be Working for National Geographic

I enjoy camera trapping. I like setting a trail camera in a new spot and just letting it run for a couple of weeks. It can almost be like opening presents on Christmas morning when you see the pictures from a particularly productive set for the first time. But positive results are not always guaranteed.

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Apr 222014
American Alligator - At Home in Lewisville

This exciting observation comes to us from Denver Kramer. Denver spotted this 4 to 6 foot long alligator in a small wetland area near Lewisville Lake. Denver observed the stealthy reptile for around two hours, and at one point he watched as the alligator seemed to consider trying to make lunch of a egret perched

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Apr 172014
Armadillo - Sam Houston Trails Park

I paid my first visit to Sam Houston Trails Park in Irving, Texas just a little over a month ago. This park is situated along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River near the intersection of President George Bush Expressway and I635. Its a very nice park, with a very nice trail system. From the

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Apr 162014
Black-tailed Prairie Dog - Lubbock

Today’s observation required a little trip outside the metroplex. My daughter and I recently made a trip out to Lubbock to take a tour of Texas Tech University, and as we reached the outskirts of the city we were pleased to find this little Prairie Dog town. This colony of Black-tailed Prairie Dogs was located

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Apr 112014
Mallard - Intersex

This is a photograph of an intersex Mallard. In this case, we have a female duck which is also displaying some secondary gender traits of a male Mallard—most notably in its plumage coloration. This unusual condition occurs for a couple of possible reasons. One might be that the duck has the gonadal tissue of both

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