Oct 162018
Life on Other Worlds

Excuse me for a moment while I take a plunge off the deep end. This will NOT be your typical DFW Urban Wildlife article. In this post I plan to voyage far afield of the subject matter normally found on these pages. The destination of this essay is so far out, so unreachable, that nothing

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Aug 252018
White Rock Creek - End to End

There are many creeks and streams that flow across the varied terrains of North Texas. Most all course through neighborhoods and business park for at least part of their run. For a majority of these waterways their ultimate rendezvous is with the Trinity River, or one of its reservoirs. Along the way our creeks may

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Aug 042018
Hiking the Habitat at Hagerman

The nice folks at Friends of Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge Nature Photo Club recently invited me up to the Visitor Center to give a little talk about Urban Wildlife. I was excited to accept! This would be my first trip to Hagerman and I was eager to go. After my presentation, photo club member Ron

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Jun 172018
This Past Winter

I’m a little late getting this article online. Summer kinda leap-frogged spring this year and took me by surprise. A late spring cold snap gave way to a early heatwave, and then on into summer. I wanted to make this post while the weather was still somewhat cool, so that winter wouldn’t seem like such

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May 092018
Are there Coyotes and Bobcats in YOUR Neighborhood?

Bobcats and Coyotes are some of the most misunderstood animals living here with us in the DFW Metroplex. Because they are predators, Bobcats and Coyotes often elicit an emotional and visceral response from people. We are hard-wired to react this way to animals that can be perceived as a threat. It’s automatic. A typical scenario

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Mar 252018
Snow Geese Galore

Dateline – February 14, 2018 An admission—this wildlife sighting did not take place inside our usual 10 county coverage area. BUT, a flock of some 5000 overwintering Snow Geese this close to Dallas/Fort Worth is such a special phenomenon that I decided to make and exception in this case! In truth, this sighting really doesn’t

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Dec 312017
The Wilds of Downtown Dallas

Is there any place in the metroplex more quintessentially urban than downtown Dallas? Could there be a more fun or interesting place to look for urban wildlife? I organized our last DFW Urban Wildlife group meetup intent on finding out. The plan was to pick a weekend in late October and meet in downtown Dallas.

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Dec 202017
Science and Not Science

There is a video of a Polar Bear that went viral on the internet a few days ago. It has generated quite a buzz. The footage shows an adult Polar Bear in obvious distress struggling to move across a barren landscape. Later in the same video the bear is shown picking inedible-looking scraps from a

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Dec 032017
Camera Trapping the Swamp

I recently purchased a couple of Bushnell’s Aggressor wireless trail cameras. These cool little trail cameras come with a built in cell phone, which allows them to upload the pictures they take to the internet. For a small monthly fee, you can visit your account on Bushnell.com, and check out the photographs from the comfort

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Nov 112017
The Beaver from the Black River

I noted this burrow on the bank of the Trinity River while out on a hike early one morning back in May. There was plenty of evidence around to suggest what type of critter lived here. The size of the entrance, the well-worn path leading up from the water, and the bark-stripped branches floating in

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