Oct 212014
LLELA at Dawn

I made a special early morning trip out to the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) last week, and had a wonderful time. I arrived at predawn with the intent of only doing a little exploring and maybe taking a few pictures along the way. I had a few hours before I needed to be

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Oct 162014
DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project – Favorites

I am just floored when I look at the numbers associated with the DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project these days. We now have 130 participating members, who together have provided over 6000 urban wildlife observations, representing more than 500 different species. This is an incredible number of observations. We are well on our way to

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Oct 142014
End of Summer Urban Wildlife Recap

Its been a busy summer. I didn’t get out as often as I would have liked—it seems real life kept getting in the way. A number of special projects I had in mind for this summer will have to be put off until next year. But that’s ok, in spite of the obstacles I did

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Oct 062014
A Summer of Swainson's Hawks

It has been a good summer for Swainson’s Hawks. What I mean by that is that I have had the opportunity to observe many more of them this year than I have in the past. Until this summer, every time I have observed Swainson’s Hawks they have been on the wing and high in the

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Sep 232014
Mute Swan – Nest 2014 Update 18

Aug 22, 2014 – Carrollton, Texas NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ First | << Prev | Next >> ] This post will mark my last visit to Josey Ranch Lake Park this summer. The juvenile Mute Swan, whose progress I have been following is very nearly grown now.

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Sep 162014
DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project – Favorites

There were so many great new iNaturalist observations submitted to the DFW Urban Wildlife project over this past month. It is always difficult to pick which three photographs to recognize each time I run this feature, but this time it was particularly difficult. One contributor in particular submitted so many excellent observations that I decided

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Sep 092014
Dropping in on the Bruton Bottoms

August 31, 2014 – Dallas, Texas The mystique that surrounds the Great Trinity Forest creates a powerful draw. The extraordinary appeal of these woods is hard to explain, but it surely has something to do with the fact that there just isn’t supposed to be a wilderness area like this inside the boundaries of a

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Sep 022014
What Is and What Was

We like to imagine that nature is static and unchanging. It is somehow comforting to believe that our environment and its wild inhabitants do not and should not vary. But the old cliche about change being the only constant applies to the natural world just as it does to almost everything else. To one degree

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Aug 262014
Mute Swan – Nest 2014 Update 17

Aug 8, 2014 – Carrollton, Texas NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ First | << Prev | Next >> ] It’s time to check in on our rapidly growing Mute Swan cygnet once again. The juvenile swan is 16 weeks old as of this report and very nearly the

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