Mar 312015
Flower Mound Robin's Nest 2015

It has become something of a tradition here at DFW Urban Wildlife to follow the nesting activities of a particular species of bird every spring. Over the years we have documented some interesting and exciting nesting efforts on these web pages. Our past subjects have included some of the following: Black Vultures Red-tailed Hawks Red-shouldered

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Mar 262015
Announcement - Two Dogs, White Rock Lake, and an iNaturalist Bioblitz

Britney and Shadow and White Rock Lake Our two new pups—Britney and Shadow—will be making their debut at White Rock Lake this weekend. We plan to arrive Sunday morning (Mar 29) around 11 o’clock. This will be a big event for the pups. They have not yet had an opportunity to spend much time around

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Mar 242015
DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project – Favorites

Another month and another set of great, too-hard-to-choose-from iNaturalist observations. The winter weather has passed, the temperature has moderated, and folks are starting to spend more time outdoors. The result is a distinct uptick in the number of iNaturalist observations being added every day. The DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist project has continued its steady growth

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Mar 102015
Announcement: Sporadic Updates - Meet Britney and Shadow

I have really done it this time. You might ask who’s bright idea it was to bring two energetic, playful and large puppies into our home? Well, that would be me. What in the world was I thinking? Meet Britney and Shadow. These two Lab-mixes were found a few weeks ago abandoned in a box

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Mar 032015
Josey The Orphaned Bobcat Kitten – Update Six

Dateline – February 15, 2015 NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ First | << Prev ] In mid-February we made a quick trip out to the Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch to check on the progress of Josey the orphaned Bobcat kitten. Josey was rescued after being found wandering

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Feb 242015
DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project – Favorites

New numbers and more growth over the past month for the DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project… As of this writing we now have at total of 13,771 unique observations. That’s up from the just around 12,000 at this same time last month. This amazing achievement is the result of 228 enthusiastic and dedicated members (up

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Feb 172015
In Search of the White Rock Lake Bald Eagle

Last year, around mid-September, I began to pickup on chatter about Bald Eagle sightings at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. White Rock Lake is only a few miles from the downtown Dallas, and is about as urban as any lake in the area. The lake itself is ringed by narrow strip of parkland, but

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Feb 122015
Coyote - A Brief Encounter

February 9, 2015 – Carrollton, Texas We observed this stalwart Coyote a few days ago during our morning commute. The Coyote was crossing a large open field, and was making his way almost directly toward us and the heavily trafficked road we were stopped on. Thoroughfares and fast moving automobiles are some of most daunting

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Feb 102015
Dallas/Fort Worth Winter Wildlife

Many of you will remember, from last summer, the wonderful video that Richard Barnes so generously shared with us. That special video contained fantastic footage of an amazing array of urban wildlife recorded right here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Texas Garden Wildlife – A Suburban Safari Richard only recently moved to the metroplex from

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Jan 212015
Deer, Osprey, and the End of the Day

One of the reasons I enjoy the holiday season so much is because the extra time off work allows me just a little more flexibility with my schedule. This past holiday I tried to use this time away from the desk to be just a bit more deliberate with my wildlife observing. Ordinarily, I like

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