Welcome to DFWUrbanWildlife.com!  This site is dedicated to the recording of detailed information about the wide variety of wildlife that makes its home in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.   Hopefully, there will be information contained in this site that you will find in no other resource.

I have always admired the work done by those who study and care for wild animals, and I have been particularly impressed with the professionals who photograph wild animals in their natural habitats.   When these individuals are plying their trade in the field they demonstrate a level of patience and dedication few of us are ever able to achieve.   I have long been interested in pursuing wildlife photography as a hobby myself, but I had never followed through because I believed that opportunities for photographing wildlife were extremely limited here in the city

Chris Jackson–Blogger and Wildlife Photographer

Then one day I began to notice the abundance of wildlife eking out an existence right here in heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  Despite the urban and suburban sprawl, I found that many wild animals not only manage to survive in the presence of people, but they actually thrive there.  An amazing variety of wildlife lives in the greater DFW Area.  Everything from the lowly earthworm to alpha-predators like red-tailed hawks, coyotes, and bobcats can be found here.

So, this web site is also an indulgence in my lifelong fascination with wildlife and the natural world.  I intend to use this web site as an excuse to study the wildlife that makes its home in urban North Texas, and as a repository for the pictures and data I collect in that pursuit.  By keeping this web site I hope to enhance my knowledge of the region’s animal life and improve my wildlife photography skills as well.

DFWUrbanWildlife.com is a work in progress.  Because of the multitude of animals in the DFW Metroplex it is unlikely that this site will ever truly be completed.   I will continue to add new animals, pictures and observed behaviors as more information is gathered.  From a very modest beginning, with only a few animals and photographs, I hope grow this site into something that will become a valuable resource for animal lovers in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area.

To that end, your participation is requested and encouraged.   If you know of any interesting wildlife viewing opportunities in the DFW Ten County Area  please let me know about them by emailing me via this link: Contact Us.   If you have any interesting photos or stories about the area’s wildlife, I’d like to hear about them also.   With your permission, all reasonably verifiable and relevant photographs and anecdotes will be used to enhance the web site.

Please remember as you browse this site that I am not a professional wildlife photographer.  Prohibitively expensive equipment costs and lack of sophistication will keep my photographic work firmly in the “amateur” category for the time being.  Still, I am hopeful that the recording of an obscure behavior or two will be of benefit even if the resulting shot is not quite of professional quality.

I am also not a biologist, or a zoologist, or an ornithologist, or any other kind of ologist for that matter.  I will research all of the information I gather as thoroughly as I can, but this will definitely be a learning experience for me.  Expect mistakes and feel free to correct me whenever you find one: Report Error

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the site!

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