A Bobcat patrolling a typical Dallas/Fort Worth residential neighborhood

Dateline – April 13, 2020 – Carrollton, Texas

Do you have rabbits, squirrels, and rats in your neighborhood? Then I can confidently predict you also have Bobcats in your neighborhood! Rarely seen, but always present, Bobcats have adapted well to urban and suburban living.

Continuing on her way…

I try to make this point at every opportunity… The thing that is unique about the observation recorded in this article is NOT that a Bobcat was found in a North Texas residential neighborhood. The notable aspect of this report is that the Bobcat WAS SEEN.

This novel encounter occurred mainly because I was running a little bit late for work. Off my normal schedule, and taking a slightly different route—meant to be a short cut—set the stage for crossing paths with this pretty little wildcat.

As I pulled out of the alley and onto our neighborhood street, the Bobcat sprung out of a storm drain and dashed across the road ahead of me. She paused briefly between two houses, where I had the briefest opportunity to take a few pictures before the cat continued on its way.

Look at those beautiful spots!
Moving on!

So, what was little Miss Bobcat doing in the storm drain in the first place? She may have been there for a couple of reasons… Bobcats are known to use the storm sewer system as a network of subterranean transit tunnels. Their own private subway, if you will.

She may also be using the drain as a temporary den for a litter of kittens. The pipes that make up the road-runoff system remain mostly dry, except during times of heavy rain. When the weather is clear and sunny, the storm sewer can make a great place to hide her family out of sight of the people all around.

A few minutes later I found Miss Bobcat again, this time in front of the house. From there, I watched as she made her way down the street, traveling stealthily by slinking through the landscaping. By now cat was well aware she was being watched and she clearly didn’t like it.

In the front yard
Making her way down the street
Using the landscaping as cover
This Bobcat was probably right around 20 pounds or so…
just a little bigger than a typical house cat
The bricks provide a great scale for judging size—she’s about 27 inches long
Bobcats are well adapted to living in our neighborhoods…
…they are intelligent and resourceful

Recognizing that this was possibly a momma out hunting for hungry babies, I broke off my pursuit at the first sign the Bobcat was displeased… Feeding a litter of demanding kittens is hard enough without some guy with a camera getting in your way.

I pulled over to watch as the little wildcat trotted back into the alley. I managed just a few more shots before she disappeared around the corner for good.

Happy hunting, Miss Bobcat!

Back in the alley
Lost in the shadows

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