This great video comes to me from a friend of a friend. This is such special footage that I had to share it with you all here on the pages of DFW Urban Wildlife. Jon Snow had this amazing wildlife encounter while riding the bike trails at River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas. This park is well know for the number and frequency of Bobcat sightings that occur there. The Bobcats (and Coyotes too, apparently) living in this park have become very accustomed to the presence of people. For better or worse, they go about their daily business paying very little heed to the park’s human patrons. Enjoy the video!

I will close with a note of caution… The Coyotes and Bobcats at River Legacy Park can be very tolerant of people, but that does not mean they are tame. They should only be observed from a respectful distance, and they should not be approached, harassed, or fed. Taking too many liberties with habitualized wild animals usually leads to conflicts and problems. When these kinds of issues occur, the response by authorities almost always calls for the destruction of the animal. That is an outcome we should all strive to avoid, so that everyone can continue to enjoy the opportunity to observe the interesting wildlife living in this fantastic park.