A strange and powerful wind was blowing out of the south this past weekend. I was out exploring the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) for the first time, and the odd weather seemed to be affecting the behavior of the the resident wildlife. I didn’t see nearly as many animals as I had expected to—something I attributed to the strange weather conditions. It seemed as if the noisy environment created by the steady breezes encouraged many critters to just hunker down for the day.

These Turkey Vultures were another story, though. They were riding the wind up to the Lake Lewisville dam, and then allowing the resulting updraft to carrying them high into the sky. Sometimes it would take them a few passes to build up the head of steam they needed. At these times the Turkey Vultures could be seen skimming just inches above the grass covered dam looking to catch an opportune rising air current. Several times they flew over my head so low I could almost reach out and touch them.

Observation Details

DateNov 10, 2012
Time of DayMidmorning
TemperatureWarm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Type of BehaviorFlying
ObserverChris Jackson

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