I observed these two fine looking Coyotes at White Rock Lake Park in Dallas, Texas. They were relaxing in the shade along the edge of a large open field of well trimmed grass.

People who are familiar with the park will recognize this location. What is remarkable about this sighting is that just behind me dozens of cars, bicyclists, joggers and walkers were passing by. Off to the left a group of young men were playing soccer. A little further past them, several families were picnicking. On the opposite side of the grass lawn is a playground entertaining many noisy children.

In spite of all the people all around, no one seemed to take notice of the Coyotes. The Coyotes, for their part, just seemed to be enjoying watching all of the activity from their safe vantage point.

When I spotted the Coyotes, I quickly parked my truck, got out, and started taking pictures. Though still over a hundred yards/meters away, the female took notice of me right away. She decided my attention was unwanted, and she ditched into the nearby foliage, leaving the male all alone.

A few steps closer, and the male decided enough was enough. He stood up, gave me a big, toothy Coyote smile, and then calmly turned around and followed his mate into the bushes.

Healthy Coyotes, who have not been habituated to humans feeding them, will always retreat when given the option. That is one reason they are so difficult to see and photograph. They go to great lengths to avoid confrontations with people. I felt bad about disturbing this pair.

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  1. I most likely saw the same pair walking across this field one cold fall morning post-rain – I was riding my bike and they were shaking their coats as they walked across the field in which Chris saw them. Gorgeous!

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