We observed a young adult Coyote cross McDermott Road near Culberson Drive at around 7:30pm last night. The Coyote was moving from a residential subdivision to Russell Creek Park. Traffic was light, and the Coyote successfully completed the maneuver.

Russel Creek Park is a large sports complex in Plano, Texas. It has many soccer fields and baseball diamonds. There is a small lake on the property and a narrow band of woods runs along the park’s eastern border.

The park was vacant last night, and the Coyote quickly disappeared into the darkness.

2 Replies to “Coyote – Why Cross the Road?”

  1. On January 28, 2014, I saw a coyote trotting down the side walk on Brewster Drive in Plano, TX. The animal had a very bad case of mange. I knocked on the window and he looked at me and continued on his journey, not in any hurry.

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