It was a sellout with standing room only at Creekview High School on this overcast afternoon. This large congregation of Brown-headed Cowbirds (mostly) was observed on the baseball field at Creekview High School. There are some Rock Doves and European Starlings present in many of these photographs as well.

The entire baseball field was covered with Brown-headed Cowbirds and others
The over-capacity crow spilled out onto the grassy hill behind the stadium
The large bird in this picture is a Rock Dove
Foraging for seeds in the grass
Mass foraging
Joined by a Rock Dove
Hundreds of cowbirds
Taking flight
Back to foraging
The mass feeding continued down by the creek
Male and female Brown-headed Cowbirds
A European Starling wanders into the group (top)
Plenty of early fall seeds for all
Male Brown-headed Cowbird
Several European Starlings in the mix
Browsing the bushes creek-side
Another large group of birds formed along the creek
Hundreds of birds fed along the creek as well

County Denton
City Carrollton
Date October 23, 2011
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Weather Overcast
Habitat Community-Church/School/Civic
Type of Behavior Bathing
Gender Mixed
Maturity Mixed
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Brown-headed Cowbird Observation Location

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