This charming Fox Squirrel behavior took place just down the street from my house.

Wikipedia has this to say about Fox Squirrels:

In captivity, eastern fox squirrels have been known to live 18 years, but in the wild most fox squirrels die before they become adults. Their maximum life expectancy is typically 12.6 years for females and 8.6 years for males. Because of overhunting and the destruction of mature forests, many subspecies of fox squirrel (the Delmarva fox squirrel for example) are endangered. Another major cause of fox squirrel population decline is mange mite (Cnemidoptes sp.) along with severe winter weather.

This Fox Squirrel lives near my home.
Squirrels are clowns. They are usually quite entertaining to observe.
Here the squirrel is exploring the front yard with an Eastern Cottontail close by.
After a while the squirrel made its way over to this weedy patch growing next to the sidewalk.
The squirrel made itself right at home by lying down on the weed.
Why is this Fox Squirrel lying on this weed?
A few minutes later the squirrel moved over a bit to a place more to its liking.
The squirrel stretched out as far as it could while lying on the ground.
A relaxing Fox Squirrel.

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