I found this Fox Squirrel as he was dozing on a tree stump in my backyard. Of course squirrels never stay still for long, and this one was soon on the move again.

I see this little guy frequently these days and I just discovered why. This Fox Squirrel has just taken up residence in an American Kestrel box that I had installed under the eave of my two-story home. I believed the spot I picked for the bird house would make it largely squirrel-proof. I was wrong.

It takes a good deal of acrobatics from the squirrel to access his new home, but he is up to the task. Step one is climbing at tall Live Oak up to the thin and wobbly branches at the very top. Next, the squirrel must jump the 4 to 5 feet from the tree to the roof. A short run across the roof of my house puts the squirrel in perfect position to jump down onto the bird house. From there a careful dangle allows him access to the entry hole. Easy!

I would imagine I will be posting more about this resourceful squirrel in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Fox Squirrel - Dozing

Fox Squirrel - Dozing

Fox Squirrel - Dozing

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