Nov 122014
North to Denton - The Greenbelt Corridor Park

October 26, 2014 – Denton, Texas This is part one of a two part series. After many years of looking with great interest at aerial photographs and maps of the area, I finally had an opportunity to explore the vast tracts of public wilderness just north of Lewisville Lake. This is one of the most

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Oct 142014
End of Summer Urban Wildlife Recap

Its been a busy summer. I didn’t get out as often as I would have liked—it seems real life kept getting in the way. A number of special projects I had in mind for this summer will have to be put off until next year. But that’s ok, in spite of the obstacles I did

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Aug 142014
Texas Garden Wildlife - A Suburban Safari

The video in today’s post comes to us from Richard Barnes. Richard and I found each other via iNaturalist after he posted some really incredible photographs of a trio of juvenile Raccoons taken in his own backyard. As it turns out, Richard has only recently come to North Texas from Scotland—moving here just last year.

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Feb 172014
Journal - Checking Trail Cameras

Dateline – November 27, 2013 This past fall I was running a number of trail camera projects concurrently. Trail cameras, for those who don’t know, are small battery powered units equipped with motion detectors and infrared lights for nighttime photography. Hunters use them to scout out likely areas and to become more familiar with a

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Jan 272014
Journal - Late Afternoon

Dateline – October 15, 2013 When I go out looking for wildlife to photograph I generally prefer to start my hikes at the crack of dawn. Morning is one of the two times each day when wildlife is likely to be most active, and of the two it is probably the best. With a full

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Jan 072014
Coyote - Scatology

You can tell a lot about a Coyote’s diet by examining its droppings. Moreover, the contents of the scat can reveal much about how the environment and food supplies change with the seasons. The droppings in the pictures below were photographed at various times between the beginning of October 2013 and the end of December

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Nov 292012
Differential Grasshopper - Cold Night

How do Differential Grasshoppers deal with the cold nights of late autumn in Texas? Well, they find a spot on a branch or stem, and just ride the dark, chilly night out fully exposed. The cold air makes the grasshoppers immobile and unresponsive, but they are not frozen. The temperatures did not drop below freezing

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Nov 192012
Differential Grasshopper - Late Season Mating

Differential Grasshoppers mating in late October. Observation Details County – Dallas City – Dallas Date – Oct 20, 2012 Time of Day – Afternoon Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Recreation-Park Type of Behavior – Mating Gender – Mixed Maturity – Adult Observer – Chris Jackson Main Article – Differential Grasshopper Observation

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Oct 202012
Differential Grasshopper - Common

Differential Grasshoppers photographed the reflective end of a steel T-post in Old Alton Road Bridge Park. The Differential Grasshopper is one of the most common grasshoppers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Observations Details County – Denton City – Unincorporated Date – Sep 15, 2012 Time of Day – Morning Temperature – Cool (50-69°F/10-21°C) Weather –

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