White-lined Sphinx Moth

We see an incredible diversity of insects and arachnids in North Texas. At the time of writing the latest statistics from the DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist project are as follows :

Insects – 50,941 Observations of 2,289 species

Arachnids – 4,559k Observations of 194 species

Many of these are hard to photograph because of their size. I like to shoot video because it captures wildlife behavior that a photograph is unable to display. Slowing down the video can offer a much better glimpse of something that in this case is often small and fast-moving, and difficult to see.


Orchard Orbweaver

The clips in this video were captured as close as possible to the subject and are slowed down to ¼ speed.

Most of the insects and spiders were filmed in our garden, others at local nature preserves.

Links to observations by the DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist project. These will open in a new tab.

DFWUrbanWildlife Insects

DFWUrbanWildlife Arachnids

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