This was an exciting, long distance Coyote encounter. Here’s how it went… I was walking a dirt trail in the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area just before noon on Sunday. As I came over a small rise, I was pleased to find this excellent looking Coyote standing right in the middle of the trail.

The Coyote was the better part of 100 yards/meters away, so I knew that I would only be able to record marginal photographs of him at best. Still, I began snapping shots, like I always do.

The Coyote soon began retreating down the road, stopping very so often for a look back to see if I were following. I just stood my ground and kept taking pictures.

At one point, through my view finder, I was surprised to see another large animal cross the trail far behind the Coyote. I couldn’t tell what kind of animal it was, but I knew I had recorded its image. At home I would be able to blow the pictures up, and hopefully see just what it was.

Well, it turned out to be a White-tailed Deer. Just one of many I was to see on that day!

Notice how effective the Coyote’s camouflage is!
The Coyote did not want to risk a confrontation, so he retreated down the trail.
Periodically, the Coyote would stop and look back to see if I was following.
Can you see the White-tailed Deer that has entered the picture behind the Coyote near the center of the picture?
Now can you see him?
The deer quickly disappeared into the tall grass as the Coyote continued his retreat.

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