A couple of weeks ago I observed a Fox Squirrel jump in the water and swim across Hickory Creek at one of its widest points. You can read about it here: Fox Squirrel – Swimmer.

I had never seen a Fox Squirrel swim before that day. And, while I’m not surprised they can, I am a little surprised that they do it of their own volition in non-emergency situations.

Unfortunately, I did not have a camera handy that day, so there is no photographic proof of the sighting.

Well, today I saw another Fox Squirrel taking a dip. This one was seen swimming across Woodlake Pond in Carrollton, Texas. He was observed swimming across a small finger of the lake at its northeast corner near Peter’s Colony Road.

This time I did have a camera ready, but I was driving in my car when I spotted the aquatic squirrel, and by the time I had safely parked the soaked rodent had already hauled himself out of the water. I managed just a few pictures of the waterlogged critter as he scampered away.

2 Replies to “Fox Squirrel – Waterlogged”

  1. Love that last photo of the soaked squirrel. Isn’t it bizarre that you have suddenly seen two such instances w/i a couple of weeks when you never saw or even heard of it before? I wonder if our Eastern Gray squirrel also swim so handily…

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