Dateline – July 22, 2012

Artwork by Atty Gell

Coyotes. They are expanding their range all across the United States. These highly adaptable animals are moving into our cities and suburbs. And now they are documented living in New York City.

So, how do you feel about Coyotes? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Do you have an open mind about them?

Well, if you hate Coyotes, this post may not be for you (unless you enjoy live stage productions and short plays). For everyone else, I have to share this with you!

Last night I had the privilege of enjoying this delightful play written and acted by Melissa Cooper:

New York City Coyote Existential: A Play

A reading of a new short play with songs and science by Melissa Cooper. Music by Thomas Cabaniss.

A woman and a coyote come face to face in Central Park. What forces have brought these two beings together for a shared moment in the heart of Manhattan? Where did each come from, and where is she going? Based on a true story, this inter-species dialogue celebrates the mystery of unlikely migrations and meetings.

“You think I’m making this up? I’m not. Everything I’m telling you is true. Everything. One way or another, all of it is true.”

Melissa is the author of the blog Out Walking the Dog, a terrific web site chronicling her discoveries of urban wildlife in New York City. She has a special fondness for Coyotes, and in 2010 she actually saw one in Manhattan’s Central Park. Melissa responded by writing this engaging play.

New York City Coyote Existential is wonderful on many levels. It’s well crafted. It’s though provoking. It’s funny. It’s fantastic advocacy. So, if you are looking for a pleasant way to spend and evening or afternoon I’m going to recommend this play to you. There are a few more performance dates left:

  • Thu, July 26 at 8:00pm
  • Sat, July 28 at 8:00pm
  • Sun, July 29 at 2:00pm

Where to See It

You can see New York City Coyote Existential at the Bath House Cultural Center on beautiful White Rock Lake. The production is part of the Festival of Independent Theatres (FIT).

This is a small, cozy venue and seating is limited. Call ahead for tickets (1-800-617-6904). Leave a message if you have to. Ticket information can be found here:

Click here for Ticket information

More information about the play can be found here:

Click here for Play Information

There is some Rated-R language in this play, so its probably not appropriate for small children, but teens on up should enjoy it thoroughly!


Map to the Bath House Cultural Center

Dallas, TX 75218

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