This is another recent example of a road-killed Nutria in an unusual location, far from what I would consider an appropriate Nutria habitat. The nearest suitable environment would be nearly 500yd/457m away with a suburban subdivision in between.

It seems likely that young adult Nutrias are motivated to disperse at this time of the year in search of new territories to call home. Suburban environments must present considerable challenges to traveling Nutrias. Roads, in particular, would be very hazardous.

Be forewarned, the photograph below is very graphic. Viewer discretion is recommended.

Nutria - Hazards

2 Replies to “Nutria – Hazards”

  1. I find ironic that men, women, and children who legally hunt Waterfowl, distinguish between male and female turkeys to comply with Harvest regulations are not trusted to help eradicate/hunt invasive nutria where legal. With all due respect we need all the help we can cultivate to eradicate this invasive species NOW! Not after waiting for taxonomic rules of engagement to evolve. It is not rocket science folks and if you let Genie out of bottle, it does not go back in.

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