There are no pictures with this observation of an adult Nutria. The Nutria was struck by an automobile and killed near the intersection of Josey Lane and Countryside Road in Carrollton, Texas.

This observation was made near a suburban residential subdivision and was quite some distance away from what would considered normal Nutria habitat. The Nutria is a chiefly aquatic mammal, and the nearest creeks and ponds are nearly a mile/two kilometers away. Moreover, the creek and ponds are separated from this location by residential subdivisions and many busy streets.

I’m not sure how to best explain the Nutria’s presence at this dangerous intersection. I suppose he may have been seeking out a new body of water to call home. If so, his trek would have taken him through middle of more than one residential neighborhood, and across some fairly busy secondary streets.

I cannot help but wonder if Nutrias are able to make use of the storm sewer system to navigate more discreetly. My Impression is that Nutrias are not agile enough to handle entering and exiting the drains. To exit, for instance, they would need to be able to manage a pretty good jump, and/or find a way to climb out. Raccoons can do it, but can Nutrias?

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