Mediterranean Geckos hide out during the day, and come out at night to hunt for insects. In this case around 10 geckos have congregated around the bug attracting power of a porch light for their nightly hunt.

Things to observe in this series of photographs are the variation in shape and coloration between individual geckos. Notice the translucent skin that allows you to see the dark contents of a full gut. Some of these lizards are also sporting regenerated tails, and some are missing toes—a testament to the dangers Mediterranean Geckos face as they live their lives.

This Mediterranean Gecko is clinging to the ceiling. This is only one of around 10 geckos that had come to this house attracted by the porch light.
Notice how smooth the last half of this gecko’s tail is. It appears that at some point this gecko lost a good portion of its tail, and is now in the process of regenerating it.
There is a good deal of variation in color and shape among these geckos, watch for these differences as you look at the many individual geckos
The skin of Mediterranean Geckos is somewhat translucent, and the dark areas on this gecko may be recently eaten insects in the gecko’s gut.
Notice that this gecko only has two toes, rather than the expected five. It was not clear if this deformity was congenital or due to injury.
Another view of the same gecko as it clung to a vertical surface.
Individually differences in coloration are striking in this photograph.
There is evidence that this gecko has also recently lost its tail and is in the process of regenerating it.
Three Mediterranean Geckos in close proximity.

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