The siren song of the North Texas alligator is a strong one. This weekend Denver Kramer was inspired to return to the same place in Lewisville where he recently observed one of the big reptiles, and this time he got double the payoff! Two large American Alligators side by side. Now that is something you don’t see everyday in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex!


Denver has many other excellent photographs of wildlife posted to his Flickr account. Many were taken in and around the DFW Metroplex. Thanks again to Denver for sharing this with us! Keep up the good work!

2 Replies to “American Alligator – Double Take”

  1. Denver,
    I’m very curious to what “area” you have seen these alligators. I will not be making any efforts to hunt them down, more like trying to avoid them. This past Saturday May 17th I rented a boat and tooky family boating. Had so much fun my girlfriend and I decided to go night fishing(something we love to do). We live in The Colony so Stewarts Penninsula (city park owned by The Corp of Engineers)
    About 0200 I noticed a movement in the water that was eye catching. We grab the dlood light and sure enough it was an alligator my guess about 20 yards from shoreline. It was headed away from the Pier 121 area and headed towards ( lack of N,S,E,W direction) the shoreline of the golf course. Basically headed to an area across from the designated swimming area park.
    My question to you. Is that anywhere near where your pics were taken? If not could you tell me what part of the lake they were.
    PS. Beautiful pictures that you have posted. I look forward to hearse ing from you.

    1. These Alligators were not found in the main body of the lake, so they are not the same one that you saw. Alligators have been reported in Lewisville Lake for years—as far back as I can remember. They are seldom seen, and I don’t believe there is any cause for concern. As with any wild animal it is always important to be respectful, and with Alligators is is especially important not to feed them.


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