Whenever I visit White Rock Lake I always enjoying stopping by to see how the resident Monk Parakeet colony is making out. On this warm January afternoon I found the colony bustling with activity. Raucous parakeets were busy shoring up their nests so that they would be ready for any upcoming winter weather. The bright green birds were coming and going with a regular frequency, finding and then delivering the twigs used in the maintenance of their nests.

Monk Parakeet - Thriving

Monk Parakeet - Thriving

Monk Parakeet - Thriving

Monk Parakeet - Thriving

Monk Parakeet - Thriving

Monk Parakeet - Thriving

Monk Parakeet - Thriving

16 Replies to “Monk Parakeet – Thriving”

  1. I saw 4 parakeets this morning, March 10, 2014, at Park Lane and Greenville. I was astonished! try to get photos but only had a phone camera.

    1. Yep, wild parakeets in Dallas can take you by surprise when you first see them. There must be a substation somewhere nearby. These guys usually can be found in the same location over and over again. If you every want to go back with another camera, i like your chances of getting photos!

  2. Saw a group of 5 of these in Grand prairie. 2601 pinewood Dr. Thought it was strange seeing green birds in Dallas so I Google it and found this site

  3. There are 2 definite nests at Northwest Drive and I-30 in the cell phone towers by Jack in the Box & the gas station. Stopped today with binoculars and watched them for a bit. Just so cute. I didn’t see the nests at first but my husband heard the squawking so I kept looking and I saw them playing around and working on one of the nests. Just so neat and fun. Got a long list of substations together with monk parakeet nests in Dallas saved in my computer as I went through google maps one day following electrical substations and the towers and wires that connect each one together.

    1. Yes, the Monks are doing very well. I noticed them in many new areas around White Rock Lake this week when I was out there. It’s soon going to be very difficult to keep up with all of their different nesting locations!

  4. I’ve been noticing quite a few of these guys in Mesquite, east of the intersection of Town East Blvd & Innovative Way. They’ve been pretty active all fall. I figured they were they same type of birds as the ones at White Rock. They sure do get your attention! 😉

  5. I live in South East Mesquite and there are two large on and just off of Beltline road about one half mile North of I-20. I have been watching these nests for a year or more.I have counted more than 50 of them in the parking lot of the elementary school adjacent to the nests. I live about 1 1/2 miles North West of there. For the first time we have had them coming to a tree next to our house eating berries out of our neighbors tree. I was driving over to see them, now I just look out the window. Between the parakeets and a large flock of Cedar Wax Wings they have nearly cleared this large tree full of berries in three days.

  6. Workman jr high arlington tx had some but the light crew got rid of the nest two years ago, We do have some seagulls in the morning show up for bread.

  7. We’ve got up to 10 birds that frequent the large Pecan trees on and around our property on Cresthill Road and Lawnview on a daily basis. Probably from the Whiterock colony? They are around all day, though.

    1. Monk Parakeets like to nest on electrical substations… there is a large one close to you down by the railroad tracks between Militarily Parkway and White Rock Creek. That’s where I would suspect your birds may be coming from!


  8. These cute litttle birdies are now regulars around Inwood Rd. and DNT. Probably nesting on a nearby cell tower, they gather in the trees nearby and sometimes come down to the ground in small groups for grass, etc. Interesting to see these beautiful bright green birds walking around with Grackles and other birds that we see every day. They have a very distinct sound and will infrequently let out a loud shrill call that is quite fun to hear. Super cute.

  9. The group is baaaack!! Katy Trail substation just south of Knox on the trail. Very chatty and always a joy to watch. Several of us enjoyed them this morning taking their bath in the culvert.

  10. We saw three just north of Royal, east of Webb Chapel, in the Webster’s Grove neighborhood. It was shocking to see them, never knew these beautiful birds were roaming the Dallas area. They were working the area with a group of pigeons.

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