This fantastic set of pictures and accompanying video comes to us from Jeri Tooley. Jeri enjoys spending time at Arcadia Trails Parks in Fort Worth, and that is where she made this great observation of a juvenile Texas Rat Snake.

Texas Rat Snake - Going Vertical

The Texas Rat Snake is one of the states largest snake and can grow to over six feet (two meters) in length. Nonvenomous, the rat snake relies on constriction to subdue is prey. As the name implies, the Texas Rat Snake feeds primarily on small rodents. Birds, reptiles, and amphibians are also staples.

Texas Rat Snake - Going Vertical02

The video below demonstrates the Texas Rat Snakes remarkable climbing ability as it makes its way up the nearly vertical side of this tree. This unique skill allows the Texas Rat Snake to easily reach bird nests in order to feed on eggs and young birds.

3 Replies to “Texas Rat Snake – Going Vertical”

  1. I recently saw what I believe to be a rat snake that was close to 8 feet in length, if not longer. Just curious how big they get in the wild. I have a picture, but it doesn’t do it justice, as I was about 30-40 feet away when I took the pic. Thanks.

    1. Right around six feet is the longest one I have ever heard of. I’m not sure there is a native snake that can reach eight feet in length. Texas Rat Snakes are generally pretty easy to identify. Adults are darkly colored, long and thin with an odd kinking appearance along the length of their bodies.

  2. Good morning. I live in west Plano and there is an 10 foot wide sidewalk behind our house with a creek on the other side. One Saturday morning there was a Rat Snake sunning itself that spanned the entire width of the sidewalk and was bigger around than my arm. I threw sticks and rocks and chased it back towards the creek, but it was amazing. Several months later the yard guys mowing my neighbors back yard hit it (or one like it) with their mowers.

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