This is a compilation of trail camera videos recorded over the course of several days and nights. During this period of time the camera records many examples of interesting of White-tailed Deer activity.

In the video below you will see deer passing through the area on a regular basis. Often they will pause briefly in front of the camera allowing for some of the more notable footage.

There is another trail camera installed near the bottom right-hand corner of the frame, and on a couple of occasions you will see various deer respond to it. In one case a flighty doe is spooked when the camera’s infrared LEDs illuminate. Another time a paunchy old buck (with leaves stuck in his antlers) cautiously approaches the camera to give it a sniff.

The trail camera recording this footage does not escape notice either. More than once a a young deer gives the camera a thorough once over. White-tail Deer are sensitive to changes in their environment. They know when something new has been introduced.

Also of note in this video is a spectacular buck with an amazing non-typical rack. This seasoned old whitetail stands in front of the camera for an extended period of time while grooming his tarsal glands.

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