These pictures comes to us from David Mimlitch. David found this huge slug (3.5 inches/0.9 decimeter) on a piece of equipment he inadvertently left outside over night. Here’s the story in his own words:

The other weekend I had accidentally left my air tank outside the garage overnight. The following day I needed to use it inside the house, so I filled the tank and picked it up to take it inside. I was concerned that there might be leaves or bugs on the bottom, so I turned it over and found the large slug. I rushed inside to grab my camera, because slugs are so fast it might have gotten away. I quickly changed out my standard lens for a macro lens, the whole time thinking that by the time I return, the slug would be gone. I rushed back outside, and the slug had moved a whole 2 inches. He soon made his way off the air tank and back into the leaves next to the fence.

Yellow Garden Slug - Big and Slimy

Yellow Garden Slug - Big and Slimy

Yellow Garden Slug - Big and Slimy

Observations Details

County Denton
City Carrollton
Date May 22, 2013
Time of Day Midmorning
Temperature Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Weather Overcast
Habitat Residential-Single Family
Type of Behavior Roaming
Gender Uncertain
Maturity Adult
Observer David Mimlitch
Main Article Yellow Garden Slug Observation Location

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