We came across this determined little guy making his way across a dirt road. This juvenile Red-eared Slider was leaving a cow pasture on his way to a nearby body of water. He was not to be deterred by weeds, dirt, or what appears to be a bad or injured eye.

How big is this hatchling? He is roughly the size of Washington Quarter in diameter. I hope he made it!

Red-eared Slider - Intrepid
Red-eared Slider - Intrepid
Red-eared Slider - Intrepid
Red-eared Slider - Intrepid

4 Replies to “Red-eared Slider – Intrepid”

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am looking forward to following along. Such wonderful discoveries in the metroplex and this wee turtle is as cute as can be!

    Would like to share a photo with you that I took last week while at Sunset Bay at White Rock Lake. It was distressing to say the least. I have posted it to Capture Dallas and here are the links…
    The comments list my attempts on trying to help this bird but I have never netted a bird in my life and certainly would not want to cause any more harm to him.

    1. Fay, I just took a look at your pictures. That is upsetting to say the least. The future does not look promising for that young gull.

      As long as he can fly he will be very difficult to catch. Are you in a situation where you can keep an eye on him on a regular basis? The best chance to assist may come as he weakens from this injury.

      If he can be captured, there are people who can help. It sounds like you have been in contact with some of them already.

      If you would like, you can use my contact form (http://dfwurbanwildlife.com/contact-us/) and we can discuss this further via email.


  2. Took my surgical grade fly fishing hemostats, pliers and such down to WRL last night looking for the gull. No gulls to be found anywhere along the west shore or Sunset Bay. I got the word out and people who visit with a greater frequency than me have been alerted to watch for it.

    1. Just now seeing the comment from Ben.
      Appreciate your interest and getting the word out. I have returned a number of times to the lake and have not again seen the gull. I just hope everything is OK. It still bothers me when I think about it and this whole incident has caused me to join as a volunteer For the Love of the Lake and I pick up trash at the lake the second Saturday of each month. Definitely a worthwhile endeavor. I would just like to make some small difference.

      And now I carry long rubber gloves and garbage bags in my car and pick up trash when I am out doing photography.

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