A white Christmas is a rarity in north Texas. Including this year there have only been two in the last several decades.

Snowy weather offers a whole new set of challenges to the area’s urban wildlife. In these pictures, a Northern Mockingbird is hunkered down just out of the reach of the falling snow. The bird has found a snow-free zone just under the eaves around my patio. This position allows the bird to benefit from the shelter created by a man-made structure, while at the same time allowing for the concealment provided by the more familiar vegetation.

But, this spot was not cure-all for what ailed the Mockingbird. The low temperature and blowing snow affected this bird in a way that was easy to read from his body language—he was cold and miserable.

Northern Mockingbird - White Christmas
Northern Mockingbird - White Christmas
Northern Mockingbird - White Christmas

Observation Details

DateDec 25, 2012
Time of DayAfternoon
TemperatureCold (less than 50°F/10°C)
HabitatResidential-Single Family
Type of BehaviorSheltering
ObserverChris Jackson

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