Northern Mockingbird - The State Bird of Texas

Sometimes you can step right out your front door and see interesting urban wildlife. This Northern Mockingbird was perched on one of the bushes in our front yard and singing his heart out.

Northern Mockingbirds have the unique ability to mimic the songs and calls of birds—a trait that explains their name. Their mimicry is thought to aid in mate selection, with birds displaying a diverse repertoire being seen as the most desirable.

Northern Mockingbirds has always stuck me with their supreme self confidence. You can see it in the way they carrying themselves. This boldness makes the mockingbird very observable, because they will not flee when viewed from a reasonable distance.

Another example of the Northern Mockingbird’s bold nature is its habit of attacking large birds of prey that wander into the its territory. I have seen these little grey birds take on Red-tailed Hawks, which are many, many times larger than a mockingbird.

No wonder the Northern Mockingbird is the State Bird of Texas!

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