These gorgeous Green Lynx Spider photographs come to us from Penny Halstead, an employee at the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hutchins, Texas. Penny found these spiders at various locations on the facility’s grounds.

A successful caterpillar hunt.
A male Green Lynx Spider
Green Lynx Spiders feed voraciously on insects of all kinds.
A Green Lynx Spider with a captured wasp.
A Green Lynx Spider up close.
A female Green Lynx Spider guarding her egg sack.
A Green Lynx Spider feeding on a wasp.
An egg sack covered with hundreds of newly hatched Green Lynx Spider juveniles. Their mother is nearby to offer them protection when needed.
Notice the newly shed white exoskeletons left from these spider’s first molt.
Hundreds of baby Green Lynx Spiders.
A Green Lynx Spider feeding on a leaf-footed bug.

Observation Details

County Dallas
City Hutchins
Date Jul 14, 2012 – Nov 3, 2012
Time of Day Various
Temperature Various
Weather Various
Habitat Recreation-Park
Type of Behavior Care of Young, Hunting
Gender Mixed
Maturity Mixed
Observer Penny Halstead
Main Article Green Lynx Spider Observation Location

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