We encountered a number of White-tailed Deer while exploring in the Trinity River Greenbelt Riverbend Preserve. All were found moving along the trails on top of the levy. The deer were spending their time causally browsing in the tall grass, and did not seem overly concerned about our presence. When we would get a little too close, they would run a short distance further down the levy and then stop to graze again. On several occasions they led us along the levy road for quite some distance before tiring of the game and bolting into the woods to the east or the grassy fields to the west.

A doe and her two fawns staying just ahead of us.
Then they turned to see if we were still following.
Evidently, we had gotten a little too close.
Next, we spotted this young buck far away down the levy.
He led us for several hundred yards.
Then he became very interested in what we were doing just before he bolted down the levy and into the grassy field to his left.

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