I found these excellent impressions of Bobcat tracks in a culvert near a small subdivision in Frisco, Texas. These track were over 2in/5cm across, which means we are dealing with a relatively large Bobcat here.

I have also included a side-by-side comparison with a Coyote track found in the same area. Key differences are the shape of the heel pad, the shape and spacing of the toes, and the inclusion of claw marks on the tracks of the Coyote. Bobcats have retractable claws and therefore their tracks usually lack any indication of them.

Bobcat tracks on the left. Coyote track on the right.

3 Replies to “Bobcat – Tracks”

  1. I dont have any pictures, but my golfing partner and I saw a nice Bobcat walking casually across the 10th fairway at Stevens Golf Course in Oak Cliff on August 29, 2012 just after we teed off the back nine at 6:15pm. I think the fact that we were both walking that day might have helped us get a good look at him. I also live on White Rock Creek in Lake Highlands and saw a nice Bobcat behind my home there last year.

    1. Bobcats are everywhere, all the time, in the DFW metroplex… But, its still a rare occurrence to actually see one! Thanks for the report!

  2. I am hoping you may be able to explain a little about the bobcat (I think) tracks I found in my woods. In Florida there is sand thru-out my woods and I discovered claw marks raking about 6 in and blending into a much disturbed and raked up area for another 3 feet. About 3 feet away another raked area some spot 4 in. deep. I donot know if bobcats do their business as housecats do but this was my first thought. Are they like “cats”?

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