For this observation I monitored a remote corner of Flag Pole Hill just north of White Rock Lake. I set my Scouting Camera up just outside a suspected Coyote den very close to the park. Within just a day or two I recorded images of this fine young Coyote pup. I would estimate that this little guy is around 4 to 5 months old. Coyote pups are all feet and ears at this age. He appeared to be alone from the few photographs I was able to get. No adults or siblings were photographed.

Although I left my camera on site for over a week, this photography session lasted only one night. Soon after the pup makes his first appearance, he is seen to become curious about about the camera. The next picture is a completely washed out super closeup of the young Coyote’s face. All of the following photographs are of the ground. For this set, I used a Scouting camera mounted on a mini-tripod. After the Coyote investigated the camera, he left it tilted so that it pointed straight down.

I may have to give this spot another visit in the near future.

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