This Eastern Cottontail was photographed near our neighborhood Beaver pond. He was doing what rabbits typically do late in the afternoon—he was eating grass.

The rabbits in our neighborhood are accustomed to people and are very comfortable with their presence. But, you can take it too far. There is a point where your proximity becomes a concern even to these largely tame rabbits.

When you cross that line, cottontails usually respond by tensing up. Their bodies get wound tighter than a rubber-band. Their muscles are on a hair trigger. One more step closer is all it takes to send the rabbit racing for cover.

That is what is going on in these photographs. This rabbit allowed me to approach much closer that I expected he would, but as I took that step too far you could see his whole demeanor change. Look at how taunt his muscles are under his fur. He is in full Fight or Flight mode. My camera couldn’t keep up with him as he bolted for the tall grass.

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