This observation is a continuation of an earlier post documenting observations made at an active Black Vulture nest. The previous article can be found here: Black Vulture – Nest Update 8.

One parent vulture was sitting on the buildings roof when we arrived. This bird took flight as we exited our vehicle and flew away to the southeast.

Inside, we found the young vulture unattended. He has grown significantly since our last visit and his black feathers are beginning to show.

As we left, we noticed that both parents had returned to the top of the building. We watched from the parking lot as one of the adults flew down to the nest. Meanwhile, the other adult flew to the front of the building and perched on the roof there.

This observation is continued here: Black Vulture – Nest Update 10

Observations Details

DateMay 12, 2012
Time of DayAfternoon
TemperatureCool (50-69°F/10-21°C)
Type of BehaviorCare of Young
ObserverChris Jackson

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