I came across this scrawny young Raccoon in a Mulberry Tree deep in the Great Trinity Forest. We startled each other.

Evidently, he had been busy feasting on ripe Mulberries when I came around the bend and surprised him. The Raccoon turned to flee, and that is when I first noticed him.

He was a small and skinny juvenile, and at first I thought he was a Fox Squirrel. When his ringed tail came into view, I still was not convinced he was a Raccoon—I thought maybe I had stumbled upon a Ring-tailed Cat instead.

But, as the Raccoon made his way down the limb, he could not resist turning his head in my direction to give me a scolding look. How dare I interrupt his lunch! Sorry Mr. Raccoon, the berries will still be there long after I’ve moved along!

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