Uptown Dallas, Texas

Ah, Uptown, the new urbanist haven.  Young urban professionals thrive here, but has wildlife found a way?

An email with an interesting query hit my inbox a few months ago. The question came from a curious Dallasite. He had heard from a friend that there were Coyotes living in Uptown (just north of downtown Dallas), and he wanted to know if it was true.

Scenes from around Uptown

It was a good question, to be sure. I suspected it was very likely true, but I did not know for sure. I did a quick check of my usual online resources, and came up empty. No one had reported a Coyote sighting in Uptown just yet–at least with the online resources that I had at my disposal..

So, that’s how I responded to the email–No confirmed Coyote sightings in Uptown.

But, now I was intrigued. And while I couldn’t answer the question with authority at the present, I suggested to the emailer, that I would look for an opportunity to investigate further.

I recently had that chance. Now I just needed a plan…

As I considered the options for pursuing this effort, I could tell this was going to be a tricky project. To further complicate matters, I did not have much time to dedicate to the attempt. This would be a one night, all-or-nothing shot.

I would need to find a discreet location that would also offer a reasonable chance that the target animal would make an appearance. That meant finding a spot with ample seclusion in order to minimize human disruptions. At the same time, the location would have to have a strong appeal to wildlife to improve the chances of catching a critter passing through. Altogether, this was going to be a tall order. A lot would have to go right for this project to be a success.

Uptown Cemetery

And, I can tell you right now that we did not record pictures of Coyotes in Uptown. That does not mean that they are not there, it just means I’ll need to revisit this project at a later date to secure the evidence needed for a definite answer.

No Coyotes… This time.

But even though there were no Coyotes this time, I didn’t come away from this effort completely empty-handed. We did manage to record images of a few Uptown critters, and I thought you might like to see them. I’ve included the pictures below–all taken in the shadow of downtown Dallas…

Virginia Opossum
House Cat or Mountain Lion. Not sure.
Common Raccoon
Gray Fox
A closer look at the Gray Fox
Common Raccoon
Gray Fox
One more look at the Uptown Gray Fox
Wildlife in the Shadow of Downtown Dallas