Green Anoles are charming and intelligent lizards. You can see their minds at work when you look them in the eye. You can see them sizing you up whenever you happen to catch their attention. This individual was observed in the McCommas Bluff area of the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas, Texas.

These lizards also have the ability to change color on demand. They can change between a rich emerald green and a light dusty brown, like in the photographs below. Green Anoles usually determine their coloration based on what makes sense in the particular environment they are in at the time. With that in mind, this female should have been bright green when I discovered her on this bushy plant. Maybe she just hadn’t gotten around to making the change just yet.

Green Anole - Wrong Color
Green Anole - Wrong Color
Green Anole - Wrong Color

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    I’ve seen these beautiful green, red-throated lizards at my Dallas home.

    Several years ago I was surprised to see a huge one on top of my back gate.

    Since then, I’ve seen several on my front porch… one green, red-throated one
    ran across my porch today, July 12.



    1. Anoles are cool. I like watching them jump from limb to limb. We actually have a lot in our yard. I see them doing their thing every time I mow the yard!

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