This observation comes to us from Robin Korevaar in Dallas, Texas. Robin reports that for a few years now a screech owl has frequented her front yard, sometimes alone, often with a partner. She would see them mostly at dusk and early morning, though occasionally they would be there at mid-day. Blue jays would often give away the presence of the raptor by jeering angrily at the offending bird. One year a family of screech owls frequented her bird bath at night.

Observation Details

DateJan 8, 2011
Time of DayMorning
HabitatResidential-Single Family
Type of BehaviorSurveying
ObserverRobin Korevaar

3 Replies to “Eastern Screech Owl – In the Yard”

  1. We used to hear a screech owl in our neighbor’s yard when we lived in the “M Streets” in Dallas, just east of Central Expy and west of Greenville. Never saw it, only heard its strange noises.

  2. Saw one last year roosting in my bird feeder, but after making it better, it left. I have one back again the last two nights so will not bother it. I am just behind the Euless Elementry School which is very close to Irving. I wonder if this is a flyway ? Date is 8/15/13

    1. Nice story, Leonard. Screech Owls are in the metroplex year round… It sounds like your yard must be particularly good habitat!

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