Today I present time lapse video of an urban Coyote approaching a Camera Trap.

This very cautious Coyote took almost 14 hours to work up the courage to partake of the bait I left at this station. The trap was baited with two chickens that I had purchased at a local grocery store.

Coyotes, in general, are very wary animals. Urban Coyotes have to ratchet the caution up even more. This individual clearly felt that this find was too good to be true.

It’s interesting see the process the Coyote works through to finally overcome his suspicions. When he finally does, the two chickens do not last long. The first chicken is removed at 7:12pm. He comes back for the second one only 45 minutes later. He removes this chicken immediately, and then returns to the site one more time at 8:11pm.

He ate two chickens in less than an hour, and was hoping for more!

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