This observation illustrates one of the many ways the resourceful Raccoon ekes out a living in an urban environment. Where there are people there are abundant sources of food and water. A trashcan full of half eaten nachos is irresistible to a hungry Raccoon.

I spotted this trash can at a local sports complex. It attracted my attention because it was absolutely covered with greasy Raccoon paw prints. Evidently, a Raccoon or two had recently made a meal of its contents.

Raccoon - Finger Licking Good

This closeup of the trash can shows the Raccoon paw prints more clearly. We noticed paw prints all over the trash can. Interestingly, the paw prints all led down from the top of the trash can, clearly showing the route the Raccoon took exiting the can, but leaving no clear indication how he entered it.

Raccoon - Finger Licking Good

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