Dateline – July 4, 2011

On a recent trip to New York City we had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Pale Male, the famous Red-tailed Hawk who lives near Central Park.

Pale Male first came to Manhattan in 1991 as a first year juvenile. He quickly found a mate, and the pair built a nest above a window on the building located at 927 Fifth Avenue—very exclusive real estate. By 1995 Pale Male and his mate had successfully raised a brood of 3 eyasses. With this success, Pale Male and his mate became the first breeding pair of Red-tailed Hawks in Manhattan in recent memory.

Pale Male soaring over the streets of Manhattan.

Fame followed for Pale Male, as his ability to persevere in the urban environment in New York City earned him a dedicated following. Over the years Pale Male has been the subject of television programs, movies, books and websites. A cadre of loyal fans meet regularly at the Model Boat Pond in Central Park to observe Pale Male and his family.

Pale Male was only at the nest for a short time after we arrived. He soon flew away, presumably in search of his eyasses’ next meal. Pale Male’s current mate, a Red-tailed Hawk named Lima, was present for our entire visit, and we were thrilled to see her feed her two eyasses as we watched.

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Our first sighting of Pale Male.
Pale Male’s nest located on the building at 927 Fifth Avenue—very exclusive real estate. Present on the nest in this photograph are Pale Male’s mate, Lima, and two soon to fledge eyasses.
A view of Pale Male’s neighborhood from across the Model Boat Pond in Central Park. Pale Male’s nest is located above the center window at the top of the second building from the right.
Pale Male has a dedicated following. Many of his fans meet at the Model Boat Pond and watch him for hours on end.
Pale Male has been the inspiration for movies, television programs, books, and web sites.

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