Mar 172014
Journal - Ospreys Over the Trinity

I made this visit to the Trinity River specifically to photograph ducks. The week before I had found hundreds of waterfowl of every kind on this stretch of the Elm Fork, but on this morning there were almost none. It’s strange to me how there can be such a dramatic change in wildlife behavior from

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Feb 172014
Journal - Checking Trail Cameras

Dateline – November 27, 2013 This past fall I was running a number of trail camera projects concurrently. Trail cameras, for those who don’t know, are small battery powered units equipped with motion detectors and infrared lights for nighttime photography. Hunters use them to scout out likely areas and to become more familiar with a

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Jan 062014
Journal – Keep the Sun at Your Back

Dateline – October 20, 2013 If you are hoping to see wildlife it often pays to get an early start. A good plan is to arrive on site before dawn and wait until there is just enough light to see before you begin. Another tip—head west and keep the sun at your back. This simple

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Dec 162013
Journal - History Lesson

Dateline – December 16, 2013 Earlier this year I took a little kayak trip down the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. Starting at the Lewisville Lake spillway, we covered twelve miles of Trinity River under the hot Texas sun. When we reached our destination at the Sandy Lake Road takeout it was almost five

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Feb 072013
Journal - Hiking the Elm Fork

Dateline – February 2, 2013 On Google Maps the lands north of Lewisville Lake all the way up to Lake Ray Roberts appears to be one of the most expansive and remote wilderness areas in the metroplex. I have long been intrigued by the possibilities of what might be hidden in these swamps, bogs and

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Jan 102013
Journal - A Rare Bird

Dateline – January 5, 2013 On Saturday I had the great privilege of joining featured photographer David Mimlitch as he worked on his latest project. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have been invited along. David’s forte is aerial photography. He captures absolutely stunning images using a camera mounted on a custom built, remote

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Nov 142012
Journal - Trinity River Adventure

Dateline – November 3, 2012 I recently had the great privilege of joining a small group of urban wilderness explorers on a canoe trip down the Trinity River through the very heart of Dallas’ Great Trinity Forest. What a day it was! The trip was organized by the author of the excellent blog, Dallas Trinity

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Jul 022012
Journal - Chamberlain Drive Rookery: Victory!

Dateline – June 23, 2012 Last summer there was a natural disaster on Chamberlain Drive in Carrollton, Texas. It wasn’t your typical natural disaster, however. It wasn’t a hail storm, or a tornado, or an earthquake, or a wildfire. It was a heron rookery. Hundreds of herons and egrets took up residence in the stately

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Dec 132011
Journal - Indentifying Invertebrates is Hard

Dateline – November 24, 2008 A confession—I was partially motivated to write this article out of a sense of frustration. For years I have referred to traditional field guides for information about the various kinds of wildlife I have observed. Admittedly, these books have been invaluable, but because of the general nature of the information

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Sep 302011
Journal – The Dredging of Woodlake Pond

Dateline – June 22, 2008 Woodlake Pond in Carrollton, TX is, depending upon how you look at things , either a small lake or a relatively large pond. And, while I’m not sure exactly how such distinctions are made by the experts, I do suspect that the lake/pond ambiguity may best explain the strange juxtaposition

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Aug 132011
Journal - Urban Wildlife on the Indian Subcontinent

Dateline – November 27, 2005 My family just recently visited the city of Ahmedabad, located in western India in the state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the seventh largest urban center in India with a population of just over 5 million people, and is the largest inland industrial center in western India. While exploring the city

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