Sep 062012

This Red-tailed Hawk observation comes to us from Ann Mendoza in Sachse, Texas.

Ann discovered a Red-tailed Hawk in her backyard eating a squirrel it had captured. The hawk was so busy eating that it allowed Ann to walk up to withing just a couple of feet/meters of its position. Finally, when she came just a little too close, the hawk picked up and flew off across the neighborhood creek and landed in a tree.

Later, Ann went over to see if the hawk had dropped the squirrel under the tree. On the way, she stumbled across the hawk again. This time he was sitting on a park bench in a neighbor’s yard.

The hawk spent most of the rest of the day sitting on the bench or in nearby a willow tree. Ann managed to get a photograph of the hawk while he was sitting on the neighbor’s bird feeder.

Observation Details

County Dallas
Center map
City Sachse
Date Aug 10, 2012
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Hot (greater than 89°F/32°C)
Weather Clear
Habitat Residential-Single Family
Type of Behavior Various
Gender Uncertain
Maturity Juvenile
Observer Ann Mendoza
Main Article Red-tailed Hawk Observation Location

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