I came across these two Fox Squirrels in the Spring Creek Nature Preserve in Richardson. The first squirrel caught me by surprise. I noticed something unusual with a branch high in a tree I was walking under. I couldn’t quite decide what it was about the branch that I found strange. My telephoto lens revealed the squirrel peeping over the edge of the branch and watching me intently from his high perch. Another, angle showed the relaxed nature of the Fox Squirrel who was reclining comfortably in his prime spot.

I met the second squirrel just as I was returning to my car. This young fellow was a newly independent juvenile, and he was still relatively small compared to a full grown adult. He was busying himself searching for food in the lawn grass until I came just a bit to close. The youngster bolted for a nearby tree, and circled around the back of it in order to see if I had followed.

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