Dateline – September 2020 – Dallas County

A quick jaunt to collect trail cameras in Dallas’ Great Trinity Forest afforded an opportunity for pictures that could not be missed…

Dropping of the trail and into the woods transported our group to entirely different world. Here the habitat was exceptional for snakes and other types of reptiles. Odd mushroom clusters sprouted from the peat and thickly twisted vines snaked across the ground.

A mushroom cluster… possibly Ringless Honey Fungus
More of the same
Alabama Supple Jack… a vine with a stranglehold
Also know as Rattan Vine
Yellow-Bellied Water Snake… Nonvenomous
This individual was approaching 4 feet in length
Prime reptilian habitat

Afterwards, back at the car, a confident Red-tailed Hawk surveyed the margins of the wilderness from the fine vantage of a tall street light. He posed superbly for a number of nice photographs!

Red-tailed Hawk… juvenile—notice the striped tail feathers
Red-tailed Hawk. Juveniles also have light colored eyes
Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk

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  1. I would love to join on a hike with you out there! I have a good eye for reptiles. I sent your Instagram page a dm too asking about joining in :). Thanks! Keep up the fantastic articles.

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