Dateline – October 2019 – Denton, Texas

We have a healthy population of White-tailed Deer in certain places around the metroplex. The following pictures are of a sizable herd of does and fawns recorded in the woods on the west side of Lewisville Lake. As you can see from these photos, the large group of deer wandered through the area together during both the night and the day.

Cautiously stepping in front of the camera in the wee hours of the morning
This herd consists of six deer. Five are shown in this photo
A fawn beds down while the rest of the herd browses
All six deer are visible in this picture.
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The deer would come to feed on the green new-growth
The herd stayed in front of the camera for a full 30 minutes on this evening
This dried creek bed was a busy place
A Raccoon catching (trying to catch) Cricket Frogs
Coyote on the prowl

Of course there were plenty of nice male White-tailed Deer to be photographed as well. By the end of October bucks have shed the velvet from their antlers and are competing with each other for access to does.

Sizing each other up
A big, thick-necked buck
The stand off!
The fight!

When I first reviewed the photos taken during this trail camera project, my initial impression was that I had recorded pictures of just a few bucks… 2,3, maybe 4. On closer inspection it became obvious that there were many more. Analysis showed that 8 was the actual number. The picture below tells the story. Individual bucks are shown across the top row, left to right. Repeat images are included below each individual buck.

Eight bucks total photographed at various times during this trail camera survey.
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The article can also be considered a review of sorts for Bushnell’s new CORE DS No-Glow 30 MP Trail Camera—it’s the model camera used for all of the pictures shared in this article. As advertised, the CORE DS records 30MP photos and 1080p video. This little unit runs off of just 6 AA batteries. It is compact and lightweight—all important pros, as far as I’m concerned.

The Bushnell CORE DS No-Glow 30 MP Trail Camera

This particular model comes with two sensors—one optimized for day time photography, and the other for night. The second sensor adds around $70 to the cost of the camera as compared to Bushnell’s single sensor 24 MP model. In this case–and as you can see in the pictures—I’m not sure the added expense is justified. The nighttime pictures do not strike me as being a significant improvement over those I am used to getting with single sensor cameras.

Other than that one disappointment, these cameras performed satisfactorily. They triggered reliably and took good quality 30 MP pictures. I feel comfortable recommending these little units as good quality trail camera–though next time I would save the extra expense of purchasing the Dual Sensor model, and go with the single sensor 24 MP instead.

Save a few dollars and go with Bushnell’s 24 MP single sensor model

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