These are Seven-spotted Lady Beetles feeding on aphids. If you look closely at the enlargements you can see the tiny aphids on the Dandelions in various places.

Seven-spotted Lady Beetle - Dandelion

Seven-spotted Lady Beetle - Dandelion

Seven-spotted Lady Beetle - Dandelion

Observation Details

County Dallas
City Garland
Date May 13, 2013
Time of Day Morning
Temperature Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Weather Partly Cloudy
Habitat Water-Lake
Type of Behavior Feeding
Gender Uncertain
Maturity Adult
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Seven-spotted Lady Beetle Observation Location

One Reply to “Seven-spotted Lady Beetle – Dandelion”

  1. Nice find, Chris, and nice photos.

    These insects are amazing predators, both adults and larvae. I had asparagus beetle larvae infest my asparagus one year. I garden organically. As I worked over the asparagus, carefully finding and squashing each larva, I found one branch of the asparagus that was nice and leafy, whereas most of it was defoliated by the beetle larvae. Careful examination revealed a ladybird beetle larva on that branch. I searched for more ladybird beetles and put them on the asparagus, but they were a pitiful few. So, I bought some from a supplier. However, by the time they arrived by mail, the asparagus beetle infestation had run its course. My asparagus yielded little the following spring, and I had to wait another year to get the yield I hoped for.

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