This Wheel Bug was photographed at the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hutchins, Texas. Wheel Bugs are so named because of the gear-like structure located on the top of their thorax.

Wheel Bug are accomplished predators, and feed on many different kinds of pest insects. In this case, a stink bug has been captured. The wheel Bug has impales its victim and injects paralyzing and digestive enzymes into its victims.

Also noticeable in this picture are a number of small flies joining in on the stink bug feast.

Finally, a note of caution. Wheel Bugs will bite if handled. Their bite is reportedly very painful and can take a long time to heal.

Wheel Bug - Ultimate Predator

Wheel Bug - Ultimate Predator

Observation Details

County Dallas
City Hutchins
Date Jun 23, 2013
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Hot (greater than 89°F/32°C)
Weather Partly Cloudy
Habitat Recreation-Park
Type of Behavior Feeding
Gender Uncertain
Maturity Adult
Observer Penny Halstead
Main Article Wheel Bug Observation Location

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  1. I raise a vegetable garden, avoiding pesticides. I am always glad when I find a wheel bug in the garden.

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