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  1. Chris, though it may be a slight bit early, these fish may be a spawning aggregation. Did you see any evidence of splashing in shallow water?

    1. In fact, looking at the photos again, they appear to me to definitely be engaged in spawning activity. The first and fourth photos show actions that are a part of spawning. 1. One fish is alongside and slightly above a second, pressed against the bottom fish. 4. Two fish circling. I believe you have photographed spawning in these fish.

    2. Oh yeah, the water here is pretty shallow anyways, but on occasion the group would work itself into a particularly shallow area near the bank, and it would usually break up with a lot of thrashing and splashing. Spawning makes sense!

      1. Given that they thrashed and splashed a lot in shallow water, I have no doubt that they were spawning.

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