NOTE: This observation is a continuation of a previous post. The earlier article can be found here: Great Horned Owl – VCDB Nests Update 2

This wonderful video was recorded at the north Great Horned Owl nest at the Village Creek Drying beds in Arlington, Texas. It is a montage of recordings made from February 16 through February 24. In this video you can see the female owl caring for her recently hatched young.

It appears that the mother feeds her young during the day from a cache of kills brought to the nest every night by the male owl. We now have confirmation of Owlets at both nest sites at the VCDB.

NOTE: This observation is continued here: Great Horned Owl – VCDB Nests Update 4

Observation Details

County Tarrant
City Arlington
Date Feb 16, 2013 – Feb 24, 2013
Time of Day Various
Temperature Cool (50-69°F/10-21°C)
Weather Various
Habitat Water-Bog/Marsh/Swamp
Type of Behavior Care of Young
Gender Female
Maturity Adult
Observer Anonymous
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