Once it was established that there are deer living in Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, I began to wonder where else in Plano they might be. Looking over Google Maps of the area, I discovered that there may be a viable wildlife corridor between Arbor Hills and the roughly 200 wooded acres on the Frito-Lay campus near Spring Creek Road.

I visited the area briefly one morning and quickly discovered an abundance of White-tailed Deer sign. A few days later my Scouting Cameras recorded photographs of this buck with an unusual set of antlers.

The woods here are crisscrossed with a intricate network of mountain bike trails that appear to see regular and frequent use, and still there are deer. I wonder how often they are seen by the bicyclists.

White-tailed Deer are on the move in Plano, Texas. They are turning up in unexpected places!

White-tailed Deer - Normandy Estates

White-tailed Deer - Normandy Estates

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