While exploring the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area on Sunday I came across an odd assembly of Armadillos along a half mile/one kilometer stretch of the old Fish Hatchery Road.

As I started down this path, I noticed an Armadillo or two cross the road well in advance of me. I was excited to see this, because I was sure I would have a nice opportunity to photograph one of these animals as a result.

I hurried on down the road to the spot where I had seen the Armadillos cross, and sure enough, there was one foraging along the forest floor just on the other side of a barbed-wire fence. I soon spotted his compadre as well, and after snapping few photographs, I continued on my way.

It wasn’t long before I came across another Armadillo hunting grasshoppers in the tall grass just a little further down the road. I took a few more pictures, and a little video, as this Armadillo worked his way from the roadside into the woods. He was foraging with his nose in the detritus all the way.

On the road again, I turned and looked back. Another Armadillo crossed behind me. I had never come across a concentration of Armadillos like this before. I continued encountering Armadillos all along the road until I reached the dam.

My last rendezvous was with a juvenile Armadillo working over a pile of wood shavings in a gully at the base of the dam. By that time I had lost count of the number of these armored animals I had seen that afternoon.

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